Donate CRYPTO to the Red Cross

Your kindness will change lives

To ensure transparency, we kindly request that you provide accurate information as we do not accept anonymous donations.

You can now donate crypto to our Ukraine Crisis Appeal, Gaza Crisis Appeal, Emergencies Fund and General Fund at the ‘Select Impact Area’ drop-down.

Please note, if you do not select anything your donation will be directed to our General Funds, which means that the British Red Cross will use your donation wherever the need is greatest, both internationally and in the UK.

For donation more than £5,000

If you’d like to donate £5,000 or more, please email your name and donation amount to as we must carry out ethical screening and due diligence checks before accepting your donation. We cannot accept crypto donations of £5000 or more which do not pass these checks. We’ll be in touch to guide you through the short process.


Please note: In the unlikely event that we raise more money than can be reasonably and efficiently spent, any surplus funds from the Ukraine Crisis Appeal will be used to help us prepare for and respond to other humanitarian disasters anywhere in the world. Learn more.

Please note: The Gaza Crisis appeal will support people in areas affected and those potentially affected in the future by this crisis. In the event there are surplus funds raised for this appeal these will be used for the general charitable purposes of the British Red Cross.  

Donations made to the Emergencies Fund will be evenly distributed between supporting our response to ongoing and emerging disasters across the globe, and more broadly helping those in crisis wherever the need is greatest. For more information, please visit here

No refund policy

Under charity law (The Charities Act 2011), charities are not permitted to refund donations, other than in specific circumstances. If you have any issues with your donation of crypto, please contact us at   

Processing Fees

Yes, a max of 3.9% of your donation will be collected by The Giving Block as a processing fee which will be split between The Giving Block and Gemini. The percentage taken depends on the total value of crypto donations we receive each month, as detailed below: 

Donations (in US$)Processing Fee
$25k – $100k2.9%
$100k – $1M1.9%

We estimate that the fee will be 3.9%, based on the amount we have raised in crypto donations in the past. 

The Giving Block converts all crypto donations into USD immediately then transfers the USD to British Red Cross weekly, the balance must be over $500 for the transfer to occur. Donations under $500 will still reach BRC but may have to wait until the $500 threshold is met in the Gemini digital wallet account.

Your privacy 

The British Red Cross is committed to privacy and will use personal data for the purpose it was collected or other legitimate purposes we tell you about: for example, to provide goods, services or information you have requested or to administer donations or services we provide. We may also analyse data we collect to better understand the people who support us or those who use or deliver our services. Sometimes this means us combining that data with information from reliable public sources. Our research allows us to tailor communications and services in a more focused and cost effective way, as well as better meeting your needs and the needs of others like you. However, we will never do this in a way that intrudes on personal privacy and will not use your data for a purpose that conflicts with previously expressed privacy preferences. For full details about how we use personal data, our legal basis for doing so and your privacy rights, please see our Privacy Notice online